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This English Level 2/3 (B1/Intermediate) reader is a guide to London, the capital of England and one of the most popular places in the world to visit.

The book introduces the reader to the city’s location and to the districts of Westminster and the City. It presents sights and celebrations, and there are suggestions for a London visit from five Londoners.

There are five chapters and each chapter has eight quiz-type comprehension questions.  There is also a Big London Quiz at the end of the book. There are 50 revision questions for immediate practice in total.

There are also ten interactive questions for readers to respond to in the language practiced in the quizzes. Plus: There are three reading tips for English learners

The book contains over 70 original photographs taken on the streets of London.

Plus: three reading tips for English learners!

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Now available as a free download!

A multi-touch version of this book is available as a free download on your Mac or iOS device in iBooks Textbooks on the iTunes Apple Store!



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