Zoom in on … Henka

When we were looking for a name for our publisher, we decided on Henka books.

Henka‘Books’ is clear, of course, because we are producing readers. But ‘Henka’ is not so obvious a choice. And that is no surprise because we invented it. Here is how we came up with the word: Henka is a shortened form of Hendrike and Kasimir. Hendrike and Kasimir are Britta’s children, her most precious ‘products’ of all time.

We thought it would be wonderful to celebrate children by naming an educational publisher after them because they symbolize the learning, developing and growing person that each of us is.


But there is a real Japanese word ‘henka’. It is often used in the martial arts where it describes a technique. The Japanese word can be translated into English as ‘to change into’. We love this meaning because you could say:

With Henka books you change into an English speaker!

Today we use Henka, the word, to sign for all our writings because we think of it as a lovely name.

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